All issues of the journal "Medical Almanac" are in the database in the Scientific Electronic Library, for which the Russian Scientific Citation Index (RINC) and the Science Index are calculated. The data of the analysis of the publication activity of the journal are published on the website (, during the year the data is adjusted taking into account new entries to the library, new results are annually summed up. At the moment, the site summarizes the publication activity of the journals for 2015. The journal "Medical Almanac" has the following basic numerical indicators: 5-year impact factor of the journal (without self-citation) - 0.357: The index of the journal in the SCIENCE INDEX rating is 1.096, which corresponds to 451 place (out of 3175 journals) in the general rating SCIENCE INDEX For 2015 and 63rd place (out of 476 journals) on the topic "Medicine and Health".

Since 2015, the journal is indexed in the Index Copernicus database. The rating of the journal for the year 2015-Index Copernicus Value (ICV) is 64.35. For 2016 results will be summed up in October 2017. Http://

The journal "Medical Almanac" is also presented in the Scientific electronic library "Cyberlenica" and is indexed in the Google Scholar search system (Google Academy). Log values in Google Scholar: h5-index and h-5 medians are 7. (

Since 2016, all the articles published in the journal "Medical Almanac" have been assigned the DOI code, for which the journal editorial board signed an agreement with the registration agency Crossref (, where according to the contract bibliographic data of each article are sent, Printed in our journal. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) allows readers to quickly, "in one click" find electronic versions of the articles they need. The availability of scientific documents DOI, as well as the inclusion of the identifier in the bibliographic descriptions in the lists of literature, is already almost an obligatory requirement for journals claiming to be cited in the international scientific community.